Walton Lecture: Howard Robinson & William Jaworski

  • Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus 113 W 60th St New York, NY, 10023 United States

Howard Robinson (Central European University) and William Jaworski (Fordham) will be delivering lectures under the title "Are We Embodied Spirits or Spiritual Bodies?" for the Walton Lecture series.  The lectures will take place in the 12th Floor Lounge of the Lowenstein Building.  The abstract is reproduced below:

Are you and I physical beings with spiritual natures, or are we essentially nonphysical spirits that happen to be embodied? The idea that we are nonphysical spirits has exerted an enormous influence on Western culture. But many philosophers, theologians, and scripture scholars have argued that we are instead essentially bodily beings. Sparks fly as two philosophers debate the merits and demerits of each position, and their implications for traditional religious ideas such as immortality and resurrection.

This event is open to the public.  Refreshments will be served afterward.