Grad Students Conduct Day of Philosophy

Fordham grad students conducted an outreach event for some of the girls at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula High School. Students were taught about the theme of "Freedom" from a variety of perspectives and got to ask a panel about the undergrad experience.

Department holds Inaugural Plenary Session

Inaugural Plenary Session: Stephen Grimm offered some "Grimm advice" on department culture, Shiloh Whitney addressed the aims and ideals of the dept. climate committee, Gwen Daugs gave a brief update on Fordham's MAP chapter, and Giorgio Pini announced the winners of the graduate student awards for the 2018-19 school year!


Department Holds Annual Welcome Reception for New Students

On August 28th, the department held its annual reception to welcome new faculty and students to the program!

Harry Potter & Philosophy Course Runs Again in London!


Professor Jude Jones’ magical and very in-demand Harry Potter and Philosophy undergraduate ICC course is running for the third time this London of course! Some of the authors students read include William James, Paul Ricoeur and Machiavelli. Next week the class will be viewing original alchemy manuscripts and going to several museums and colleges at Oxford, as well as Gloucester Cathedral, using Harry Potter as a portal to significant elements of cultural history in England and from around the world!

Humane Understanding Conference: May 2019

Hosted by Fordham Philosophy Department at the Fordham Law School, from May 31st-June 1st. Here are some photos, please click on each photo for a wider preview.

Fordham Philosophy Major Nick Cappetta Wins Prestigious Fulbright

Matt Cappetta, a senior with a double major in Philosophy and American Studies, has won a prestigious Fulbright Fellowship for the coming year. His award will take him to Nepal for 10 months, where he will be teaching English language in a rural school and living with a host family in the local village.

The Fulbright Fellowship aims at cultural exchange and Matt is excited to be fully immersed in the local community during his stay in Nepal. Congratulations, Matt!