Philosophy Ph.D. candidate, Joseph Vukov, has published an article on Graduate Education titled "Give Us a Voice in Our Own Future"

Joseph Vukov (Philosophy Ph.D. candidate) and James Van Wyck (an English Ph.D. candidate) have co-authored an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled "Give Us a Voice in Our Own Future."  The article both describes the Graduate School's distinctive Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership and calls for graduate education across the country to take heed of graduate student voices in ongoing discussions about the future of liberal and graduate education in the United States.  That their call has been noticed is evidenced by the fact that the article was included in the weekly briefing from the Council of Graduate Schools!

The Fellowship is a unique program that "balances intensive and purposeful mentoring with meaningful participation. For example, Fellows assist in the development of new policies and support the development of new programs."  Indeed, Joe and James note how they were the only graduate students in the room at meetings of Fordham's Task Force on the Future of Higher Education, at a university reaccreditation meeting, and at a discussion of the Council of Graduate Schools.  

Joe is entering his second year as a Higher Education Leadership Fellow.  He is now working on the development of a program called "Preparing Future Faculty," which will supplement departmental teacher training programs.