Prof. Nathan Ballantyne Awarded Two Grants for his studies, "Epistemic Trespassing in Public Discourse" and "Intellectual Humility as a Solution to the Problem of Disagreement."

Congratulations to Nathan Ballantyne who has been awarded two grants!  The first is a two-year study undertaken with David Dunning (Psychology, University of Michigan).  The study is titled “Epistemic Trespassing in Public Discourse,” and is one of ten project sub-grants awarded by the University of Connecticut’s Intellectual Humility in Public Discourse Project, which is supported by the John Templeton Foundation. See the announcement regarding these projects here.

The second award is a John Templeton Foundation grant titled "Intellectual Humility as a Solution to the Problem of Disagreement." The study is designed, at the Foundation's request, to survey the research results from two recently completed Templeton-funded projects (the Science of Intellectual Humility and the Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility), and to write a report illuminating the state of our knowledge of intellectual humility in the wake of the two projects.