The Philosophy Department welcomes new graduate students for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

The Philosophy Department is delighted to welcome the following new graduate students:

PhD Program
Dylan Bailey, B.A. Georgia Southern Univ;  M.A. Univ. South Florida; M.A. Westminister Theological Seminary
Christopher Bengston, B.A. Bethel University
Stephen Ferguson, B.A. Boston College, M.A. Boston College
Sara Pope, B.A. Univ. Wisconsin Whitewater, M.A. Univ. Wisconsin Milwaulkee
Luke Schumacher, B.A. Dalhousie University, M.A. Duquesne University
Anya Wang, B.A. Knox College
Chelsea Wegrzyniak, B.A. Idaho State University, M.A. Univ. Wisconsin Milwaukee

MA Program
Caroline Timmings, B.A. Manhattanville College
Franziska van Buren, B.A. Fordham University
Maia Wellborn, B.A. Furman University